EMA Collaborating to Enhance Healthcare

July, 2023
EMA Collaborating to Enhance Healthcare
Ebrahim Almana & Brothers Co. is a leading healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia, with over six decades of experience in the field. The company has expanded its reach throughout the years by offering quality products, services, and training. As the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia undergoes a transformation, EMA has been at the forefront of progress, actively pursuing public-private partnerships, expanding its operations, and developing state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

Through its key partnerships with several medical equipment manufacturers around the globe, EMA has been driving the evolution of the medical field and providing clients locally with innovative medical products. The company’s corporate culture is focused on offering the very best products, services, and training to its respective clients, constantly enhancing its business practices and products, and promoting innovation by offering clients the latest and most effective healthcare solutions, hospital supplies, and medical equipment.

Since the 1960s and as the largest medical company and healthcare provider in the Eastern Province, the group has expanded exponentially and comprises several entities related to the healthcare sector. The company has recently opened Almana Aziziya Hospital, which features innovative, sustainable, and highly efficient architecture representing a model example of future medical facilities for the nation.

EMA has worked closely with major clients on a number of projects across Saudi over the years, with the aim of enabling them to provide high quality of services and ultimately helping in elevating healthcare in the Kingdom. This was achieved through providing complete and complex solutions in major clinical areas which have helped the clinicians and clients to be able to treat a lot of ailments with the latest advancements in the field.

EMA is actively contributing in shaping the medical field locally with its investments in bringing the latest technologies and innovation and expansions and developments. The company promises to honor its promises to clients and the Kingdom based on its longstanding reputation and commitment to progress. EMA is well-positioned to contribute to the realization of Saudi Vision 2030 goals and the development of the Saudi healthcare sector.