Thought Leadership Article: Supporting the Region’s Sports Renaissance

April, 2023
Thought Leadership Article: Supporting the Region’s Sports Renaissance
The creation of professional sports and a sports industry that generates employment for Saudis and enhances the quality of life is one of Saudi Vision 2030 goals. This strategic plan is echoed throughout the Middle East Region. The most notable example is Qatar’s massive investment in building stadiums and supporting infrastructure in the concluded 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Since the launch of Saudi Vision 2030, our Kingdom has witnessed a unique socioeconomic transformation. Sports have taken center stage in their massive diversification efforts for the prosperity of current and future generations.

A central component of the 2030 Vision, “The Quality of Life” Program announced in 2018, aims to create a vibrate society that promotes a healthy lifestyle, in addition to, physical and social well-being. The goals of the program include increasing individuals’ weekly participation in sports and activities up to 40%, by motivating people through physical education classes and recreational sports as well as making physical activities a lifestyle. Another objective that the Ministry of Sports aspires to achieve is developing programs to support athletes and enhance their performance to compete at the highest international levels in upcoming events as well as growing and empowering the Sports economy by increasing Female participation.

Capitalizing on the Sports Renaissance within the Region offers the Kingdom many benefits, which include, a significant contribution to the Gross Domestic Product, attracting international investment, stimulating the tourism sector, generating employment opportunities, and well as enhancing the Kingdom’s image and showcasing its culture globally.

The economic benefits of the Sports renaissance are expected to affect all sectors, but even more so the healthcare and wellness sector, which comprises a main pillar in its success. Through our Public-Private Partnerships Department, EMA seeks to collaborate to elevate the quality of specialized healthcare.

Some of our efforts in that regard are the recently inaugurated Almana Sports Medicine Unit in Al Khobar, the largest facility of its kind. The unit includes expert orthopedic doctors with vast experience in dealing with various and complex cases. Fully equipped with the latest devices for Physiotherapy and Radiology clinics, the center provides athletes with a holistic therapeutic journey that allows them to revert to sports safely and successfully.

Highly specialized facilities and a robust healthcare sector is a strategic priority for EMA, as we seek to keep pace with Kingdom’s rising position within the international sports sector, and we seek to achieve that with the help of our leading global partners and enabling our clients to adopt the latest technologies and solutions.