How Almana leverages its network of Global clients to bring the latest healthcare solutions

January, 2024
How Almana leverages its network of Global clients to bring the latest healthcare solutions
Since its establishment in 1980 as the trading branch of the Almana Group, it has played a significant role in driving the evolution of the Kingdom’s healthcare sector and providing innovative medical products from global partners locally. The company’s success as a "total healthcare solution provider" is proof of its strong culture and work ethics, which have been instrumental in establishing its reputation as a leading private healthcare supplier.

As a trading company in the medical field, it has forged several key partnerships worldwide. These collaborations have enabled the company to provide the best products and solutions to its clients, leading to a diverse product portfolio. Over the years, the company has expanded its reach in the Saudi market by offering quality products, services, and after-sales services, including training. It has also established partnerships with various medical equipment manufacturers worldwide, further enhancing its ability to meet the evolving needs of its clients and contribute to the elevation of the healthcare sector as part of The Health Sector Transformation Program, one of programs under Saudi Vision 2030.


Our commitment to constant innovation drives our business practices and products. Through valuable partnerships and a strong supply chain, we have expanded our operations to effectively meet the specialized and diverse needs of the Saudi healthcare community. As the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia undergoes a transformation, we actively pursue public-private partnerships to drive progress. By linking the public and private sectors with leading manufacturers of devices and solution providers, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the field.


Our company's robust structure consists of various departments, including labs, orthopedics, medical equipment & surgical, hospital beds, radiology, and pharmaceuticals. Each department is dedicated to providing specialized products and solutions to meet the specific needs of healthcare facilities. In the Orthopedic department, we offer a variety of instruments for surgeons and pediatricians operating on the musculoskeletal system. With highly experienced managers and sales representatives, we aim to bring the latest and most innovative instruments to our clients and provide comprehensive training and support to medical staff.


Our medical equipment & surgical department is the most expansive offering a wide range of products and solutions. The department strives to meet the various needs of healthcare facilities. Our dedicated hospital beds department offers a selection of hospital beds to clients in the region. Through partnerships with healthcare suppliers, the company ensures a diverse range of innovative options. Sales representatives provide training and assistance to medical staff, ensuring optimal use of the beds.


Radiology has always been an essential department at our company, playing a leading role in improving diagnosis and assisting healthcare workers in the treatment of patients according to the best practices. Through partnerships with renowned global suppliers, particularly Samsung, we aim to provide our diverse clientele with the best available imaging technology. In the pharmaceuticals department, the company's well-equipped warehouse allows for the stocking and provision of the latest pharmaceuticals from leading global suppliers. An efficient order processing system ensures accuracy, and the company maintains a wide global portfolio of partners. The goal is to deliver life-saving medicine to those in need.


Recognizing the importance of collaborations between the public and private sectors, Ebrahim Almana & Brothers Co. has completed projects with various ministries, including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Higher Education, and Ministry of the Interior over the past years and hope to continue for the foreseeable future. The company looks forward to further collaboration with the public healthcare sector as it aligns with Vision 2030, which aims to improve healthcare systems and prioritize patient needs.


With a diverse product portfolio and a dedicated team, we are committed to enhancing our global partnerships to better serve the local healthcare sector. Through these partnerships, we will continue to provide innovative medical solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities and contribute to the advancement of the industry.