Leveraging Almana’s expertise and understanding of the Local Market to elevate the Healthcare sector

November, 2023
Leveraging Almana’s expertise and understanding of the Local Market to elevate the Healthcare sector
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, we have played a crucial role in facilitating transformative solutions. With our long-standing history as a renowned healthcare provider, we continue to lead the industry, empowering stakeholders and driving positive change.

Our journey began in 1949 when Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulla Almana inaugurated the first private medical center in the Kingdom, offering Dental and Ophthalmology care. This marked the beginning of a healthcare legacy that has spanned over six decades. In 1979, the Group opened the first full-fledged Saudi privately owned hospital.


Throughout our history, Almana Group has demonstrated a deep understanding of the local market and a commitment to advancing healthcare in Saudi Arabia. In 1988, we introduced the first dental laser device in the region, followed by the first CT Scan device in the Eastern province in 1989. Two years later, we pioneered the introduction of the first IVF Unit in Al Dammam.


Notably, Almana Group introduced the first MRI device, the Digital Broadband MRI Philips Ingenia, of its kind in the Kingdom and across the Middle East in 2012. These milestones showcase our dedication to staying at the forefront of healthcare technology and innovation.


Ebrahim Almana & Brothers Co. has established itself as a prominent healthcare provider in Saudi Arabia and has played a crucial role in advancing the sector through its expertise. With a strong track record and a highly skilled team of sales executives, we have successfully expanded our operations and developed cutting-edge facilities. We take pride in continuing the expansion path that was originally paved by our grandfather.


As the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia transforms, Almana has actively pursued public-private partnerships to drive progress. By partnering with the public and private sectors and linking them with leading manufacturers of devices and solutions providers, we have become a trusted partner in the field.


The trading division of the Almana Group has positioned our group as one of the Kingdom's leading distributor of  pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and hospital supplies. With a reputation for quality and reliability, we have built long-term relationships with renowned brands, enabling us to deliver world-class products and innovative treatment solutions.


Almana’s expertise extends beyond distribution. We have  dedicated , engineering and clinical teams that, alongside products, specialize in providing relevant customer services. This approach allows our company to provide comprehensive solutions and meet the diverse needs of the patients locally.



By addressing critical challenges such as rising medical costs, ensuring access to quality care, driving digital transformation, promoting patient-centered care, and embracing emerging technologies, Almana Group continues to be at the forefront of medical innovations. We strive to foster collaboration, share best practices, and envision future trends, ultimately shaping the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia.